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"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.''

-Malcolm X

Congratulations on continuing with your academic career. You have taken the first step in realizing that you can do anything with Christ by your side! You have the ability to make a positive difference, and together we can learn many interesting things about history from creation to present day.

I am fortunate to be your history teacher during your learning walk within the Northeastern Academy. I am thrilled and excited about all the cool we are going to do this year.Please use the navigation bar on the left to find your class. You will notice that there are two (2) links for you class. One link for general announcements and discussions and the other for homework. This year to cut down on paper I am going to allow you to submit your assignments electronically on the this site...I will explain more about this during class orientation.

*November 11, 2013*Access your homework from iNow and post it here.

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